Been A While


I’ve been thinking about regularly updating this space again. So, here I am!

Things I’ve been doing lately:

Homeschooling: We’ve finished this last year strong.  And I am so encouraged by that.  The next school year is planned, which we are starting in one week. More books are arriving to our door daily.  We will be following the Ambleside Online 36-week curriculum and we are adding a few things like a stronger bible curriculum and themed lapbooks.  There’s so many things we’re excited about studying this year.

We follow the Charlotte Mason homeschool approach (mostly) and the part I focus on the most in that is ‘spreading a feast of ideas’.  It includes exposing children to lots of the best things, good literature, art, classical music, and stories that capture the heart (termed ‘living books’).  Our feast of ideas this year is broad and lovely.  We’ve got lots of award winning picture books lined up, some great classic painters, composers, and writers.