On Boyhood


We take children with grass stained knees and freckles,
Who want to be men and slay dragons,
And tell them to sit down.

We hand them books and take their swords,
“There are no dragons to slay anymore.”IMG_20150118_153602
And tell them to sit down.

We put them in rooms under phosphorescent light
Hoping a story will distract them.
While we tell them to sit down.

Then, one day the stubble breaks out on growing chins
And we’re looking for swords to hand them again
While telling them to sit back down.

We finally find the perfect piece,
Not too sharp nor too heavy, at last!
They quizzically stare at us from their seats.

We hand them the world in steel and sheaf,
“Son, never mind the debt and the dreamless sleep.”
And wonder why they stay sitting down.