Homeschooling: Our 2016-2017 Morning Meeting

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It’s Thursday morning and I should be beginning our school day.  But I have a prenatal appointment later and my only pair of maternity jeans are in the wash.  I’m waiting for them to come out so I can take a shower.  Then we’ll do some of our school day.  Then we’ll drive 1.5 hours through a mountain pass to get to my midwifery center, then back up and home in time for a little more school and dinner.  These are always long days.  And I hate driving the pass unless I’m in a good frame of mind – that frame of mind never happens in the last few months of pregnancy – so all of us go and it ends up *kind of* fun for the kids :).

Since I’m waiting I thought I’d tell you about our Morning Meeting time because it is by and large my favorite part of homeschooling (and, other than the occasional meltdown, I LOVE homeschooling, so that’s saying a lot).