Hi, I’m Ann.

About Me

I was raised in Southern California riding horses competitively, playing with our five large dogs, parrots, rabbits, a duck named Quackers and sundry other animals, as well as swimming in our pool.  My pony was white with block spots all over, and my hair was thick and had a red tint, so naturally I identified quite a bit with Pippy Longstocking, as well as getting called that regularly.

I was baptized Lutheran but we stopped attending church when we moved from the coast to the country when I was 5.

At about 14 I hit a wall of depression, all my childhood joys in animals, drawing and other things fell away and my parents struggled to figure out how to help me.  The depressed ebbed and flowed over the next ten years or so, through acting lessons and a bonefide Hollywood agent, through pursuing a degree in Interior Design which I quit not too far in.  It even followed me into my first serious relationship and college co-ed life when I spent weekends in my friend’s dorm rooms.

It was all empty and the depression persisted.  Until 2004-2005 when I was introduced to Jesus.  First through my boyfriend, who wasn’t following God, but was pretty sure He was the answer we all needed.  And then through a coworker, who was leaning on God through a very large trial in her life.

blog profile
Six selfie, when baby #5 was super little.

I committed my life to Christ in the summer of 2005, and ordered my life accordingly.  Since then, He’s asked all sorts of things from me.  And out of the ‘yes’s’ from those conversations my life includes marrying that boyfriend and finding in him a best friend, five (soon to be 6) kids, a big funky house in middle-of-no-where California desert, some old vehicles, and purpose, peace, joy and so much more than I could have imagined in my BC life.
What You’ll Find Here

Currently I’m a sporadic writer.  I’ve been blogging on and off since I was in high school.  All of the previous blogs long deleted, but some of them I was very faithful to at one time, so hopefully I can get back into that mindset somewhat.

I’m hoping to update this space once a week and talk about faith, homeschooling, books I’m reading, how I keep our family of (almost) 8 organized, my dabbles into art and whatever it is I’m thinking about.

You can also find me on

Art – @annmccoolart
Personal – @ohjustann




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