When You’re Invited to the Opera That Is Your Life.


Since I last updated here we had a baby, my husband changed jobs (and now has two!) and we moved.  3000 miles away.

My husband and I are all or nothing people.  Hot or cold people.  And us?  We’re also Jesus people.  So, naturally, we are all or nothing Christians.  And ‘all’ for us looks like baby #6, first pastor job and moving 3000 miles (I also needed to schedule a surgery in there) in the span of… wait for it… six months.

And when you jump of that kind of crazy cliff.  Like, the same cliff the crazy people jump off of, which is also crazy high and stressful… well, you have a lot of options on how to respond.

You could respond by trying to control everything, or just freaking out, or quitting altogether and just saying ‘nevermind’ to the whole thing.  You could think about all the negative or all the positive or just the culture differences or the health problems.  Or maybe how much this is screwing up your kids.  And we did all of that, at different times.

But mostly? We responded by sitting in the audience.  We bought our tickets for the show by simply saying yes, and just sat in the audience and tried to keep breathing while God made it all happen.

It was an amazing show.  My prayer life has, in the past, spent a fair amount of time in doubt, or ‘why is this happening’ mode. But now, any doubt comes around, I just answer with ‘because we’re here!’ and poof!  The doubt is gone.  God shocked us in how lavish he was to provide for every detail, in how faithful he was to make it known that he was here with us.  His lavishness towards us, at times, just made us laugh!  For example, we needed a large house in a certain neighborhood… we got a whole house (instead of one split into small apartments), in the color I wanted, with gorgeous views of the park, an abnormally large back yard, right next to a river and a small waterfall we can hear from our porch, only 6 houses from the church!  And there’s daffodils growing in the front yard!

Ridiculous right?!  And that’s just how most of this transition went! God is a wild and crazy guy!

But in the middle of this show called my life… in the middle we had no idea how all this would happen.  Other people come here and it takes them months to find a house.  Took us a week.  We came in January, with no experience driving in snow, across the entire United States… during a ‘freak’ warm spell spanning… wait for it… the entire United States!

From September to now, big things would happen and it would be down right scary.  Like when my husband was laid off and we hadn’t even put the house up for sale yet.  Like when our bank account was empty and unless we sold the house we had no financial way to leave.  Like when my medical problem was supposed to be an easy fix and yet I was on hospital visit number four.

But then, the band started up, the curtains opened and on came the singers!  Everything came together at just the right time, in the right way – no thanks to us.  We did little things like trying to make the house look pretty to sell it.  And we did a whole lot of praying, thinking and talking about all of it.  But only God could have orchestrated coincidence after coincidence after coincidence, oh, and the weather 🙂

And now that I know that God works on that grand scale in such a hugely tangible way, all the things I do seem less urgent and less about me.  It’s His show!  I’m just showing up!

So, I’m super excited to see what God has planned for the next act!  I got my popcorn, I’m ready.



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