Making and Reading


I finished this Campside shawl last week.  My first triangle shawl, and I love how the shape makes it much more inclined to stay on that others I have tried.  I made it with wool, as less of a dainty thing and more of something the kids can pull on, sit on or wrap up in without me getting upset.  Plus I sort of love the scratch the wool.  It makes me think about life in days gone by and makes me wonder if it bestows some of the same benefits as dry brushing.
shawl 2
I’m reading A Little Book of Western Verse by Eugene Fields, Desiring God by John Piper and For the Children’s Sake by Susan Macaulay.  Poetry, Theology and Education Theory, respectively.  Together I’m seeing a big picture that life is meant to be enjoyed, lived and appreciated.  Sentimentality and tenderness, something I’ve tried to squelch in myself as a weakness, and yet thoroughly enjoyed, may be something I can finally embrace.
All three of these books together are beckoning me to a greater version of myself.  A happier version.  And they are calling out the tiny little sprouts of happiness already present in my life, and fanning the flame of joy.

What if the sweet sentimentality I find hidden in poetry and sunsets is actually applicable to much, much more of life?  It brings a smile to my face just to consider it.

Anyways, I will keep reading all three to let this thought keep growing.

Joining Ginny.


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