Knitting and Reading


This week I finished a doll for my toddler after setting that project aside for about a month. It’s my first knit toy and it’s so soft and squishy. I’d been wanting to make my kids waldorf dolls made of wool, and I’m finally doing it!  Feels so nice to be finally doing something you’ve thought about often and put off even more often.

Speaking of which, my husband and I are finally leading a bible study group in our home.  Today is the day of our third meeting, which is cancelled because of sickness, as was the first one.  One out of three is quite defeating.  But hopefully as our area begins the slow ascent into warmer weather this sort of thing will be less common. 


Joining with Ginny.


We are doing a study on Lent, with SheReadsTruth and HeReadsTruth.  This is about all I’m reading at the moment, other than articles on facebook.  Any downtime I have I’m just knitting and watching movies with the kids.  But while we’re here, for lent I’ve given up anxiety, focusing on catching anxious thoughts before they get out of control and handing them over to Jesus in prayer.  It’s already been very eye opening and I’m excited to see all the good that comes of this discipline by Easter.

Now that I’m done with my first doll, I’m onto my first triangle shawl.  It’s also my most complicated pattern yet.  I’ve followed many lace patterns, but only for scarves and washcloths, so all the increases and things are more engaging than I’m used to.

I’ve spent years on the fence about whether or not I would wear a triangle shawl.  But, I decided to knit one in worsted with a workhorse type yarn that I wont feel nervous wearing around my kids.  I’ll have to let you know, maybe toward the end of next winter whether or not it actually gets any use. In the meantime, I’m head over heels for this goldenrod color, and I’m excited to pair it with neutrals for a little pop that will go along with just about every article of clothing I’ve got.



4 thoughts on “Knitting and Reading

  1. I’ve got the Campside knitting pattern on my list too! 🙂 I made a triangle shawl recently but I use it more as an oversized scarf with the point on my chest – you could always wear it that way.


    1. I saw that people were doing that, which was on reason I went for it on this particular pattern. It’s always a little scary investing so much time into a project and not being sure how much you’ll actually enjoy the result!


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