The Pep Talk I Need


Whenever I look out at the world from my little windows of Facebook, news, phone calls, meetings, I find there’s a whole lot of things to worry about.  Who’s going to save the babies?  Or the tatas?  Or the artists?  Who’s going to keep the children from being stifled?  Or over medicated?  Or under nourished? And what about Africa?  Or Tsunamis?

Everyone has their answers to that. Who’s going to help?  You are.  I am. The government will.  The government wont.
I wonder about things like gentrification of low-income urban communities.  The extreme levels of poverty in our blue collar cities.  Common core sweeping through communities that can’t afford to feed their children let alone buy them pencils. Or old Catholic churches being newly purchased and redesigned to house controversial Eastern religions.

And my answer to that, is often: fear, hopelessness, callousness as a self preservation.

Who will make American great again when it’s just too far gone?

And I wish someone would sit down, somewhere.  Someone with great faith, great presence of mind and great experience slaying spiritual giants.  I wish this someone would write, or speak or sing or draw a picture of hope.

Extreme hope.


God raining down His Spirit and His saving grace.

I wish this person would spend time reminding us who we are in Christ, who Christ is in the grand scheme and the small scheme.  How he stops waves, and administers peace into desperate hearts.  I wish someone would call out the names of God, reminding us who He is.  Prince of Peace.  Wonderful Counselor.  Mighty God. The God Who Sees Us.  God With Us. God who is able to do far more than we can ever ask or imagine.

I need someone to remind me of the examples we have of the church moving into a spiritually dark place and bringing light, hope, health and joy to those people.  I need real life examples of His redemption.  A habit of personal, communal and regional testimonies.  I was lost, but now I’m saved.  By Jesus.  By Christ and His Spirit and His Saving Grace.

I was dead, we were dead, but now live.

I need someone, somewhere, to take their belief in miracles and give life to my own unbelief. Jesus, help my unbelief.

I need a leader, to show me, show us that hoping in God is the only worthy hope.  To remind us that not only will He and does He work here, now, in and among us all the time, but also

We know how the story ends.

Victory is His.  Even in election years.


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