Last Week


It seems like we have a lot going on, but now that I think about it, it’s all the normal things, with an additional cold/flu thing that’s finally leaving.  It’s been a while since I sat and typed and as much as it annoys some people, I’ll always double space after a sentence.  Always.  It’s fun.

zentangle 2anns new dressIMG_20160126_134224IMG_20160119_141952

The days have been long this week.

I got to do a little zentangle exercise.  I’d like to get back into doing that regularly and I’m hoping I get through my stash of ripped edged zentangle tiles so I can get some straight edged ones with rounded corners.  I thought the edges would be interesting, but they’re distracting from the patterns.

I’ve been super distracted this week.  Just by everything going on.  December/January was a time of beginnings, and we’re largely still in that.  There are some things that I started well and need to trudge past this place where the beginning excitement has slowed but the results are still a far off.  Push through and commitment to plans are hard things for me.  So, what else did I do but… buy a new dress!  I’ve given up sugar and wheat for a while in the name of health and anxiety reduction, so there’s ebay, and pretty dresses.  I may or may not have another one expected in the next few weeks as well. :/  Did you know years ago I was a compulsive shopper?  Yes.  Maybe I’ll write about that one day, and how I’m always reining myself back in, even still… (target, I’m looking at you pal).

Even during my distraction I’ve been doing fairly well at keeping us on a homeschool routine.  There’s Hudson sound asleep on the love seat across from the computer in our office.  After the big kids finish their workbooks for the morning they get to have computer time (games for the most part) and they all sit around the computer cheering for each other and commenting on the games, it actually gets very loud.  I hadn’t heard Hudson in a little while, so in the middle of this loud, exciting part of our day, not more than four feet from the computer desk, the little man was peacefully sound asleep.  Such a sweet little soul.

In my distraction I’ve been playing the piano almost daily.  Mostly remembering old songs I had committed to memory at one point, but started to forget.  It’s funny how sometimes I can play almost like I type: subconsciously.  That’s my music reading goal.  To be able to process the notes on a new piece without having to remember, oh yes, that D is right here… it’s a very fun challenge, I think this month marks the beginning of another piano heavy season for me, and as such, my littles, who are so sweet together sometimes, were playing together.  It only last a few minutes, but it was precious.

Yesterday we had a big storm and this week is going to be quite cold. Which reminds me how much I’ve been wanting to make these mittens.

Has the winter weather left you distracted and wanting to do something wintery?




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